Tim Martin was bitten by his love for the finer things in life at the tender age of eleven when he started working for his Italian grandfather in his Italian restaurant.  That early passion led to more than twenty incredible years in the restaurant and luxury hotel business.

This passion took him around the country until he found himself in Napa Valley, working with one of the matriarchs of the Napa Valley, Robin Lail and her new wine project, Lail Vineyards.  After helping establish and run the Lail Vineyards for 11 years, Tim launched Gauge in 2004 which is his own branding/marketing firm.   Gauge focuses on branding, business development, and marketing strategies for leading companies including Tusk Estates, On Q Wines, Corlis Estates, Somersault Snack Co, Blue Ocean, Casa Piena, Melka Wines, Flanagan Vineyards, Lail Vineyards, Frias Family, Lail Design Group, and Cultivate System just to name a few.

Tim Martin
Brand Director